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Du, W., Xue, N., Sastry, A.M., Martins, J.R.R.A., and Shyy, W., “Energy Density
Comparison of Li-ion Cathode Materials Using Dimensional Analysis,” Journal of the
Electrochemical Society, Vol. 160, (2013), pp. A1187-A1193.
Xue, N., Du, W., Greszler, T.A., Shyy, W., and Martins, J.R.R.A., “Design of a Lithium-
ion Battery Pack for PHEV Using a Hybrid Optimization Method,” Journal of Applied
Energy; Vol. 115, (2014), pp. 591-602.
Tan, P., Shyy, W., An., L., Wei, Z.H., and Zhao, T.S., “A Gradient Porous Cathode for
Non-Aqueous Lithium-Air Batteries Leading to a High Capacity,” accepted for
publication in Electrochemistry Communications.
Shyy, W. and Chen, M.-H, “Interaction of Thermocapillary and Natural Convection
Flows during Solidification: Normal and Reduced Gravity Conditions,” Journal of
Crystal Growth, Vol. 108, (1991), pp. 247-261.
Shyy, W., Pang, Y., Hunter, G.B., Wei, D.Y., and Chen, M.-H., “Modeling of Turbulent
Transport and Solidification during Continuous Ingot Casting,” International Journal of
Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol. 35, (1992), pp. 1229-1245.
Shyy, W., “The Computer-Aided Analysis of Directional Solidification Processes,” JOM
(Publication of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society), (1996) March Issue, pp. 24-
Rao, M.M. and Shyy, W. “Moving Boundary Computation of the Float Zone Process,”
International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, Vol. 40, (1997), pp. 1231-
Ouyang, H., Shyy, W., Levit, V. and Kaufman, M.J. “Simulation and Measurement of a
Vertical Bridgman Growth System for β-NiAl Crystal,” International Journal of Heat and
Mass Transfer, Vol. 40, (1997), pp. 2293-2305.
Udaykumar, H.S., Mittal, R. and Shyy, W., “Computation of Solid-Liquid Phase Fronts
in the Sharp Interface Limit on Fixed Grids,” Journal of Computational Physics, Vol. 153,
(1999), pp. 535-574.
Shyy, W., “Multi-Scale Computational Heat Transfer with Moving Solidification
Boundaries,” invited paper, International Journal for Heat and Fluid Flow, Vol. 23,
(2002), pp. 278-287.
Yuan, K., Ji, Y., Chung, J.N. and Shyy, W., “Cryogenic Boiling and Two-Phase Flow
during Pipe Chilldown in Earth and Reduced Gravity,” Journal of Low Temperature
Physics, Vol. 150, (2008), pp. 101-122.
Udaykumar, H.S., Shyy, W., and Rao, M.M., “ELAFINT: A Mixed Eulerian-Lagrangian
Method for Fluid Flow with Complex and Moving Boundaries,” International Journal for
Numerical Methods in Fluids, Vol. 22, (1996), pp. 691-712.
Ye, T., Mittal, R., Udaykumar, H.S., and Shyy, W., “An Accurate Cartesian Grid Method
for Viscous Incompressible Flows with Complex Immersed Boundaries,” Journal of
Computational Physics, Vol. 156, (1999), pp. 209-240.
Ye, T., Shyy, W., and Chung, J.C., “A Fixed-Grid, Sharp-Interface Method for Bubble
Dynamics and Phase Change,” Journal of Computational Physics, Vol. 174, (2001), pp.
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